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Are Cellulite Creams Effective In Removing Cellulite?

Today, a lot of women all over the world look for ways and means for removing cellulite. Of course, tomato peel or cottage cheese skin hardly looks good. Usually fat and lack of exercise is the cause of cellulite. But sometimes thin women are also plagued by cellulite. Though a lot of research that has been done on cellulite but there is lack of facts or scientific information about it. Therefore, its treatment is not that easy. Still, there are various solutions offered for reducing cellulite. One of the solutions is cellulite creams. A host of cellulite creams are available in the market. But the question is- Are these really effective?

Anti Cellulite Products

These products that are anti oxidant in nature, like coffee, retinol, DMAE etc., promise to get rid of cellulite. Based on these products some cellulite removers have also been developed.  Many women have bought cellulite removal creams in the hope of achieving a shapely look. But how far are these women satisfied? Actually, as there’s no scientific proof that these creams remove cellulite, users also complain of their ineffectiveness. The fact is that what cellulite removal creams can do at the maximum is reducing the appearance of cellulite. They cannot remove it completely. Also, whatever be the effect of these creams, it is never long lasting.

Some Popular Cellulite Removal Creams

Different creams may be listed as the best cellulite creams in use. But this list may vary with the large number of creams available in the market today. Clarins is an old company in this business. Clarins Total Body Lift is gel based and promises reduction of cellulite. Another cream, Estee Lauder’s Body Performance Anti Cellulite Visible Contouring Serum contains Forskolin that the company claims gets easily absorbed by the body. Lancome and Biotherm contain caffeine based products in different forms. These are just few of the cellulite creams. There is really no parameter for checking the efficacy of these creams except for customer satisfaction.

The Science Of Cellulite

Often cellulite is said to be a result of hormone dysfunction. That could be a possible explanation of cellulite being more common in women than men. The spongy look of cellulite is said to be because of lack of circulation, deposition of fats etc. New researches have revealed that cellulite is completely normal. It does not point to excess storage of fat or deposition of toxins. In fact, it is just the storage of superficial body fat.
Do you know how much cellulite you are carrying? There are no scientific ways to measure cellulite. So, the concentration of the product used for its treatment remains an issue. There is also an uncertainty over removing cellulite and anti cellulite creams. Still, they continue to be the most popular of all the cellulite treatments available.

There are various viewpoints on the best cellulite treatment available. Dieting, massaging, exercising are some of the alternatives to using products like anti cellulite creams and treatments like liposuction, mesotherapy etc. Usually, it is advisable to combine these treatments but make a wise combination. Don’t go in for liposuction and use of cellulite creams together. That could be disastrous. Exercise and use of cream is a feasible option. Contact experts for removing cellulite instead of opting for self medicatio

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Michelle Larkin —

Body Solution worked for me. This is absolutely a great deal with their free trial product.

exercisestogetridofcellulite —

Cellulite cream are very effective, but combine with exercise people will get the best results. The products features on your post are the best outhere.

Cellulite tips —

1. Drink well
Drink three liters of water per day to flush out any excess sodium that causes fluid retention. If you get bored of water, try herbal teas or a fruit juice. Sticking to this regime can make your skin look better in few days…
2. Exercise
Weight gain can worsen the appearance of cellulite. If you combine a cardiovascular exercise programme with resistance training, you could dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. This will take longer than seven days… but the reduction in will be amazing…
3. Deal with stress
Stress causes hormonal changes that can affect the skin. It is so important to get relaxation into your day; try yoga, cycling or walking, and get 8 hours sleep per night.
4. Smoking
Smoking can worsen cellulite. This can have a detrimental effect on the elasticity of your skin, thereby worsening cellulite… and bringing on premature wrinkles!
5. Massage
Massage has a host of benefits. It can help reduce stress, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Alana Mitchell —

Very well described about cellulite creams & it is really effective. Hope you would get positive skincare reviews.

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