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Cellulite Treatments Like Creams, Lotions, Surgery Explained

Cellulite is what people the world over are battling with. There is no end to the lengths they go to get rid of it- diets, workouts, massage, surgery etc. If you are lost in this maze of anti cellulite agendas, then read on to clarify some myths about cellulite treatments.

Laser cellulite treatment is a favorite with most of the people as it is regarded as painless, easy and convenient. Italy has taken the cake in developing the Triactive treatment which helps to physiologically reactivate the body, oxygenate the tissues and aid in waste removal.  

In anti cellulite creams and lotions, the basic ingredient is collagen which is a natural protein that helps in the firming and toning of the skin. Something to look for in lotions and the so called best cellulite creams is the ingredients which are anti oxidants and anti inflammatory. This is the recommendation of experts who say that this action would help in the stimulation of the blood flow. A feel good factor for some people who go in for anti cellulite therapy is that there is no medical procedure involved. However, one needs to be patient and cautious while going in for these treatments.

There are other treatments as well for cellulite like surgery. This is a quicker method than any of the ones that have been discussed above. A consideration in this scheme is the expertise of doctors and the kind of surgical treatment they are going to follow in your case. You need to research at a great length before you settle on a particular place and a particular doctor.  Of course, there will also be precautions that have to be strictly followed after the surgery. This doesn’t mean that you need to shy away from it. Rest is very important before you get back to work and the incision needs to have healed completely before that. Personal hygiene things like your soap, antiseptic lotions etc. will also have to be changed according to the doctor’s advice.

If you are scared of going under the knife, then there is another way to battle cellulite. That is mesotherapy. In this procedure, a combination of medicines is injected into the area that is affected with cellulite. This combination consists of enzymes, plant material and micronutrients. Aloe Vera, anti inflammatory medicines, and hormones are present as well.

Generally, three kinds of injections are given. These are Aminophylline, Lidocaine and Hyaluronidase. This treatment is done on the thighs, waist, stomach and hips and arms etc. This needs to be followed on a one area basis, not together. At least 3-15 sessions of mesotherapy are required to produce the desired results.

All in all, there are different techniques and treatments for cellulite and the cellulite treatments explained here are some of the very important ones, those that are regularly practiced. However, care needs to be taken before you settle for a particular kind of treatment. Consult your health care practitioner before going in for anything.

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