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Celrase Cellulite Cream Review

Some manufacturers of cellulite products go to great lengths to have numerous ingredients and complex delivery systems. Others will focus on fewer ingredients but will target specific active ingredients to get the job done. Then there are some that go with very few ingredients that don’t have a lot of impact and notoriety in the cellulite treatment, but they will focus their investment dollars in their packaging and marketing hype. This is something you need to take a close look at when you are determining which product you wish to purchase for your cellulite problem.



This is one of the products that are more forthcoming in their advertising promoting their product as being able to eliminate the cellulite as opposed to putting most of the focus on reducing the unsightly appearance of the cellulite area.


Purified Water,
Emulsifying Wax NF
The raw base of emulsifying wax could be a vegetable base wax or a petroleum compound. To this detergent is added, and when this is done then it allows oil and water to blend together in a smooth workable product. The emulsifying wax is made up of many different compounds.


Its main function is a high grade moisturizer. It is considered to be one of the safer low toxicity ingredients and does a good job at softening the skin.

This ingredient has the ability to leave behind a silky smoothness to the skin when it is one of the ingredients used in cosmetics. One of its attributes for manufacturers is that it keeps its consistency and doesn’t require the product to be shaken to distribute it throughout the compound.

Hyaluronic Acid
This ingredient has impressive moisturizing qualities. It has the ability to hold many times its weight of water. This means it has the capability of hydrating the surface layers of the skin that often dry out in the cellulite areas and become taunt and stretched, as a result of the uneven formation of the fat in the lower layers. While this particular ingredient has its good points it also has the ability to pull moisture from the skin as well when air humidity levels are low. This could cause the application of the product to be inconsistent in its overall effects. This would greatly depend however on the quantity that is used in the product.
Sorbitan Laurate
This is another skin softener that also keeps the product in good working condition. It is considered to be a lubricant.

Lauroyl Proline
This ingredient is believed to have the ability to stimulate new skin growth and improve the skin’s elasticity. It is said to be able to strengthen the tissue.

Butylene Glycol
This compound has the ability to make a product look like it has been whipped, which many cosmetic users find this to be appealing.

Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract
This has skin conditioning properties which helps the skin surface to appear smoother and more even in texture.

Used to preserve the shelf life of a product.

Additional preservate to help create a longer shelf life for a product
FD&C Red, FD&C Blue
Gives coloring to a product

Why it may work
The bulk of the ingredients in this product serve a dual purpose. One is for softening the skin, and the other to keep the product stable. In respect to active ingredients, there are only a few active ingredients that would be specific to creating any difference in the cellulite itself.

Why it may not work
The chances of it producing any lessening of the cellulite would be very slim based on the number, type and probably quantity of active ingredients.


Pros and Cons
It is probably one of the few less expensive cellulite treatments on the market, and the bulk of it is made up of softeners which any skin would respond to in some positive way.

Comparing the product ingredients to the marketing material there does not seem to be a balance. There doesn’t seem to be any indicators to show that any of the compounds in the product would be all that effective in reducing the cellulite.

This is a product with very few ingredients which in itself would not make it an inferior product, provided the active ingredients were of the strength and quality that other higher quality cellulite treatments possess, which does not seem to be the case with Celrase. Some manufacturers produce high end products for cellulite problems using a good mix of active ingredients, while others spend a lot more on quality skin softeners and superior packaging. Then there are some that seem to go for base ingredients and focus on the appearance of the product itself making it the attractive feature, which is likely the case with Celrase.
Although it is true the product is less expensive, it really comes down to that you are basically going to get what you pay for which is a treatment to soften the surface of the skin in the cellulite area and make it suppler.
My biggest concern is that some of the ingredients maybe somewhat controversial. It has to be understood that there are many chemicals that go into cosmetics that are perfectly safe in small amounts, but beyond that they can have health hazards.
Quality manufacturers will try to avoid using these types of ingredients as much as possible which usually means they must pay more for their ingredients which increases the price to the consumer. No doubt that Celrase has complied to all the safety rules, and has in fact stipulated the product is not to be used more than twice per day. The worry here is, to the uneducated cosmetic user they may not realize that overuse of the product could result in too much of an application of ingredients that must be controlled in small amounts to remain safe.

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