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Does Emu Oil Help To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks make the skin look unattractive. They are all the more bothersome if they are seen in the exposed areas. Stretch marks are the result of overstretching of the skin which causes dehydration and tearing of collagen fibres. Collagen fibres are responsible for the elasticity in the skin. Their deficiency causes these pinkish brownish marks on the skin.


Fortunately, treatment for stretch marks is available. Though the treatment may not be able to make the marks disappear, it will certainly make them light. Your options range from supplementing your diet with Vitamins A, C and E to getting a laser job done. Some of the more common solutions are use of stretch mark oil and stretch mark lotion. These are readily available in the market and are easy to use. Usually there are no side effects involved especially if the products are natural. Emu Oil is natural oil that can get rid of stretch marks. To more know about it, read further.

What is Emu Oil?

Years of research have found that Emu Oil has the property of penetrating into the layers of skin. It is, therefore, very helpful in treating skin problems. Emu Oil contains a high level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Vitamin E is also an important ingredient which is considered to be a great skin rejuvenator. It also helps in absorption of oil into the skin. Linolenic acid and oleic acid are also present in the oil. Emu Oil is a good alternative to prescribed medicines as it is completely natural. All its contents are from natural sources and are highly beneficial. No side effects have been found as yet.

How To Treat Stretch Marks With Emu Oil?

Emu Oil can be used to get rid of stretch marks. Emu Oil is used for repair of damaged skin as in the case of scars and stretch marks. There are a variety of products to choose from like Emu Oil Body Lotion, Pure Emu Oil and Emu Bath Oil. Any of these can be used for treatment of stretch marks. It is recommended that you rub in Emu Oil Body Lotion after taking a shower as that softens the skin and ensures more absorption. Pure Emu Oil is a concentrated concoction that can be directly rubbed on to the affected area twice or thrice everyday. If using Emu Bath Oil take a bath in oil water once a week. It is believed that all this can help you to get rid of stretch marks.

Emu Oil stretch marks benefits are many. First of all, it is natural. It has proved to be very effective in treatment of damaged skin cells by promoting growth of new skin cells. It is an excellent alternative to expensive allopathic medicines. It has no side effects. It promotes healing by penetrating in all the five dermis layers. Not only this, it also helps in shedding dead skin cells. However, don’t expect instantaneous results. The stretch marks may take some time to fade. Emu Oil gets rid of stretch marks in a natural and effective way to fight stretch marks.

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Healthy Oil Guy —

Not only does emu oil penetrate the skin, it has also been found to accelerate wound healing and reduce inflammation in skin. Animal studies found emu oil increases healing from skin burns.

Kia —

I’m really into organic food. I also suffer from stretchmarks. I wanted to find something that will help decrease my chances of getting stretchmarks as well as improve the current ones I already have. I ordered this “so called” organic emu oil. For 9 months I use this product religiously. I even broke up in the ares, in which I use this product. I continue using the product because I felt in the end my stretch marks would be gone. In the end I found out two things, Emu’s are a forbidden animal and I still got stretchmarks. I often wonder was it so called organic emu oil, and not Crisco oil. I order from this website that said Wholesale or somethig like that. I felt it was a rip off. I spent a total of 600 on this product. You have to watch out for exaggerated claims.

Emu Lover —


I’m not sure about the stuff you used, but I use triple refined emu oil from A New U Natural Skin Care and it seems to work great for my post pregnancy stretch marks. I also use the daily moisturizer on my face and have noticed my face getting a lot smoother.

scarface —

I was in a car accident back in February. The unfortunate result was cuts, scrapes, and even little gouges on the right side of my face and the right half of my nose. After my face healed I was advised to start some sort of scar therapy.

Someone I know told me about emu oil, and said its excellent for reducing scars and healing burns. So I got the concentrated oil, and have been applying it to my scars daily for a few months now; and I must say it has sped up the healing a lot… the redness of the scars has gone away almost completely, and the skin is looking normal again. It has also done a really great job of shrinking the raised ridge-like scars on my nose. I am confident that with continued use the ridges will eventually go away completely.

Anonymous —


You may have been ripped off by the company that you ordered the oil from. I also use the triple refined emu oil and it works wonders. You should have done more research on the company that manufactured the oil before investing so much money on an imposter.

Ashley —

I’ve been using emu oil for over a week on very large silvery white shiny stretch marks a full Centimeter in width. I am seriously quite impressed thus far with the oil. I put it on twice a day and I swear it looks like my stretched skin is getting thicker which is making them no longer that silvery shiny color. I know it’s only been a week however I am going to be completely stunned if the emu oil continues to yeild results like this. So far I give Emu oil a straight up A+ for my stretch mark repair.

Alesha - Emu Oil Customer —

Emu Oil is fantastic for stretch marks, I gave my sister a bottle and she’s been using Pure Emu oil on her stretch marks for about 2 months now and they are nearly all gone!

Rosa —

Can somebody let me know where i could find 100% pure emu oil…cuz i dont wanna get ripped off….please and thank you

Toenail Fungus Treatment Girl —

So what’s the best way to go? A natural ingredient like Emu Oil or a cream like Revitol? Or maybe a combination of both?

Belle —

I’d also like to know which is better… Emu oil or revitol (or similar product). And where to purchase. Please help!

scott —

I found Emu Gold Ultra Active oil to be the best. There are less expensive oils but they do not work half as wellington

Emu Oil User —

I’ve used emu oil for stretch marks, well my wife has, and it works very well especially if you get to the problem area early on. Pregnancy is a perfect examples where you know you will have stretch marks. Same for scars. If you get emu oil to the cut early on and continue with it, you will see amazing results.

Jyi —

I’m a 19 year old male. I’ve been using emu oil for a few weeks now. Sometimes I get compliants from males and females in the street about my skin. But I want to know more about what it can be used for?
See because of my Irish background, i’m quite pale in skin colour. My doctor said to use a oil with vitamine e to help balance the colour imbalance on my face. My question is can emu oil help? As I like to use naturally made first. Any help would be great.

Kristin —

I’ve been using Laid in Montana Pure Emu Oil on my belly during my second pregnancy which towards the end I got my first patch of stretch marks. By the time I had my 8.3 lb baby I had a nice patch of marks, I started using the oil two weeks or so after the surgery as well and by 3 1/2 months, where I am now, I swear they look great. Not red anymore and seemingly bended into my skin very well. I’m going to use it daily on my scar and stretch marks and hopefully in a year they will be nicely unnoticeable. I also LOVE the Replenishing Unsented Hand and Body Lotion they have… GREAT stuff! I use it on my hands and face, love it! :)

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