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Help I Am A Bodybuilder And I Have Stretch Marks – What Do I Do?

While working out as a bodybuilder, appearance of stretch marks is the last thing an individual wants. Skin is made up of three layers namely epidermis which is the protective layer, dermis the layer containing collagen and elastin responsible for the toned skin and hypodermis consisting of connecting tissues. Due to sudden weight gain or loss during body building, the skin gets overstretched resulting in the breaking of connecting tissues causing the appearance of stretch marks. Bodybuilders can usually see these red or purple colored marks on their upper arms due to rapid growth of muscle in this part of the body. These marks slowly turn into a lighter shade.

Simple Measures

As rightly quoted “Prevention is the key” by taking following measures you can avoid stretch marks while still enjoying your workouts and body building regimen:-

  1. •    Take a balanced diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Proteins helps in building collagen so include a high portion of protein in your daily diet. Try to have a low carbohydrate diet. Supplement your diet with protein shakes and multi vitamin tablets. Take vitamin A by including red and yellow fruits and vegetables like mangoes, papaya, carrots and beet roots which help in regenerating epidermal cells. Vitamic C is known for its healing properties by acting as a binding agent between skin cells besides simulating collagen. Anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E make it an absolute essential for healthy skin. You can take vitamin E pills orally or apply them directly on the stretch marks to see good results.
  2. •    Try to keep your body hydrated both during and after the workout. Dehydrated skin loses elasticity causing the dermis to break and stretch marks to appear. Also while on serious training, avoid excessive consumption of liquor which causes the skin to dehydrate.
  3. •    The best way to prevent the appearance of these marks, all bodybuilders should apply a stretch mark cream which can penetrate through the skin’s layers and help in the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Most of the stretch mark creams available in the market can help you in this regard. Direct application of vitamin E over the stretch marks has proved to be beneficial as it helps in skin rejuvenation. A lot of bodybuilders have also found the application of coconut oil on the problem areas to be effective. Commonly available stretch mark creams also helps in the production of glycoaminoglycans which are the main skin binding components. The glycoaminoglycans energizes the skin cells enabling the skin to stretch and prevent the scarring of the skin tissues.
  4. •    All bodybuilders are likely to get stretch marks because of gaining body bulk. By maintaining healthy eating habits which include lots of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and no fats, you can avoid stretch marks.

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Joe —

I have some on my shoulders,left pec and small ones on my hips. Not too bad,I can deal with them……

Also get a picture of a real body builder on there.

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