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How Do You Get Stretch Marks?

Against common misconception, pregnancy is not the only reason for stretch marks. It is definitely one of the reasons but there are several others as well. Stretch marks are caused when because of certain factors the skin stretches to the point of breaking down. Here is a brief rundown on the various causes that may lead to this problematic skin issue.

Which Kind Of People Are Prone To Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks usually develop in people whose bodies have undergone a growth spurts or rapid weight gain in a very short period of time. Because of these quick changes in the body, the skin stretches rapidly, which eventually leaves its marks. These marks generally appear on some specific areas of the body that may include shoulders, breasts, butt, hips, thighs, lower abdomen, inner and outer arms, and underarms.

Rapid Weight Gain Or Growth Spurts

During the period of pregnancy, the body of a woman goes through a lot of physical changes, which includes stretching of skin across the abdomen. Since the body of the pregnant woman gets excessively stretched during a very short period of time, they are more likely to get stretch marks. Body building activities can be another cause, as it results in rapid growth of muscles and the physical activity includes lots of skin stretching. Likewise, people who are obese or overweight or those who gain weight quickly are also inclined to getting stretching marks. Natural growth for adolescent boys and girls may also lead to this problem, as adolescents experience rapid increase in height and weight. These growth spurts eventually cause stretch marks.

Other Causes

There can be several other causes as well, such as, long term lacking of certain nutrients, depression or extreme unhappiness, medication, ethnic background, specific skin tone of the person, poor eating habits, and many others.

  • There may be some genetic causes as well. It means if your siblings or parents have had this problem, you are also likely to get it.
  • In comparison to women with a darker skin tone, fair-skinned women are more prone to getting stretch marks.
  • Inadequate nutrition because of poor eating habits may also result in deep stretch marks.
  • Dry and rough skin is not considered healthy and people with this kind of skin are more prone to this problem.
  • Sometimes, these marks appear because of some other reasons, such as exposure to certain types of chemicals, after-effects of a drug, or abnormal collagen formation.
  • People suffering from diseases like diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome are also prone to it.
  • Other factors that may lead to the formation of stretch marks may include the prolonged use of oral or topical corticosteroids or the overuse of cortisone skin creams.

In order to take preventive precautions or to find a treatment for stretch marks, it is important for you to be aware of their exact causes. You obviously cannot use the same treatment for all types of stretch marks.

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marie —

am i eating to much is that why im getting stretch marks!!!!!!!!!!!!11

kingsley —

not that,it depends on your body metabolism.

kingsley —

not that,it depends on your body type.

Jenny —

Well I have a problem I have a little bit of strechmarks in my thigh even though its not very noticeable I need a product to get make them disappear :( does anyone know ?

Anonymous —

i have stretch marks on my butt,going down my thigh as well i have them no where else yet!…people tell me they are active but i think they are not i have them because i wanted to gain weight (i use to wear a size 0 or 1) soo i begin to increase my eating habits… the question is am i getting them because im eating unhealthy an lacking of certain nutrients

david —

I’m a guy and have never had stretch marks until I starting lifting weights everday this is probaly the most common reason for them… I eat healthy nd am not over weight I’m 6″2 200lbs anyone know any good way to get rid of em

sarah —

i have really bad stretch marks i have gained weight not fast but could have been slower my body didnt look really anybigger but i started getting stretch marks on my stomach under my armpits going down stopping at the side of mmy boob and on my hips they are so embarrising and im scared to show my body because of the same my parter will think of them any help cream e.g?

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