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How To Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that are formed due to sudden changes in weight through dieting, exercise or pregnancy. They tend to develop on the breasts, buttocks, hips, abdomen and the arms. It is the overstretching of the skin that disrupts the production of the major protein collagen, thus resulting in scars called stretch marks. These marks are also seen to occur during puberty in both girls and boys.

Causes of Stretch Marks

•    Heredity- some skin types are prone to inherit marks.
•    Body weight- excessive weight gain or weight loss
•    Skin- dry skin is less elastic than well moisturized skin
•    Pregnancy- due to weight gain
•    Prolonged disease condition and chemical based medication
•    Unbalanced diet that is poor in minerals and vitamins

Stretch Mark Removal

Some people find it a social embarrassment and search for ways to remove stretch marks. Many others resign to them. Don’t resign to your stretch marks. There is much you can do to reduce them. Here are some ways to remove stretch marks.

•    Laser treatment- laser surgery to remove stretch marks has today become an increasingly popular method. Better technological advancements have proved to be a boon for people. Today a person requires just 2-3 sessions per week for a period of 1-2 months. This treatment helps to remove stretch marks.
•    Other surgical treatments include dermabrasion, chemical peeling.

•    In order to remove stretch marks naturally, you can control your weight gain. You can also use body lotions that are rich in Vitamin A and E to keep your skin moist, firm and healthy.

Home Remedies

Home remedies to remove stretch marks are as given below-

•    Rubbing warm olive oil on hips and abdomen to improve blood circulation
•    Use of calendula and lavender oil will reduce stretch marks and also improve blood circulation
•    Use mix of 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil with calendula oil
•    Use of castor oil on stomach and hips
•    Mix of chamomile oil and lavender oil
•    Massage with cod liver oil
•    Use of Vitamin C rich creams

Tips To Remove Stretch Marks

There are many ways to remove stretch marks. Better still, you can prevent them. Given below are some tips.
•    Drink loads of water. Intake of water can help in reducing the formation of these marks
•    Taking a healthy and balanced diet that includes greens and fruits like cabbage, carrots, oranges, apple, papaya etc
•    Drink fruit juices and avoid caffeine
•    Have vitamin C, E, protein, zinc rich foods, fish, flaxseeds and dairy products
•    Exercise daily as it tones muscles. This is good way to remove stretch marks after pregnancy.
•    Use egg white to provide proteins to the skin
•    Avoid exposure to the sun
•    Maintain a well maintained and healthy body

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Get rid of stretch marks —

That is a wicked stretch mark! So sad. Good job on the stretch marks treatment methods. There are indeed different ways to get rid of them, all a person has to do is to choose the best treatment suited for their condition.

dragonfly girl —

Hi! Divas,
I have a problem with my stretch mark for 18 years. I try everything, but nothing help. Would you please tell me which cream can help earse my stretch mark. Also, I’m a medium skin type girl. I hear there is a cream call Captive that will get the stretch mark fade away. Do you think that work. Please let me know soon. I appreicated very much. Thank you for your time.

Thandi —


how are you.i have strechmarks on my hips and i really am struggling with them.i cant put on shorts,beause they are so bad.They making me lose this self confidence.I have tried applying bio oil,but couldnt afford it because its expensive and what would you recommend me to apply,something that i could use.You would be of great assistance.

valerie —

well I tried everything but yesterday i finally bought a derma roller off of Amazon , I heard so much about this product, you can use it with a stretchmark cream, and the cream doesnt have to be top notch because the derma roller will do most of the treatment.The cream will be a extra bonus.I bought a Dr. roller , a 1.5 inch , just research the derma roller and be careful not to buy cheap ones made of plastic.I had my stretch marks for 18 years and i’m glad to learn that the skin cant absorb the creams down to the deeper layers of the skin, the derma rollers open up the pores to absorb the skin.go on your search engine and look up the Dr. roller , derma roller. you will need a 1′ to 1.5 inch needles, remember they dont hurt.

felicia —

how are you.i am 17yrs of problem is that i dont know which is the best way i can treat my stretch marks because i have tried bio iol but still now am trying methylated spirit wuth can i remove the because they in my hips and in my me please an easy and sinple way which does not cost a lot,which is available country wide.

i would be happy if you could send me an email.

jessica —

Hi im 20 years old i have two girls the lil one is 4 months but the problem is she left me ugly stretch marks :( what can i use (CHEAP) lol a bought the STRIATION cream kind of seen some improvement but not sure its probably me wanting to believe please e-mail me back…THANXS

Anonymous —

rescue oil from wilkinsons is about 1.99 and is very similar to bio oil in fact iv tried them both and iv found this to be better. the new ones palmers cocoa butter the old ones dry skin brushing and emu oil

mabagsik —

hi po,, im a boy im 14yrs old but i have stretch mark in tummies and near the under arm i use palmer but it is not effective i want to know what alternative ways to lighten it thank you po

martha —

hi my name is martha and im only 16 years old but i have alot of stretchmarks due to my 4 month old baby…..before i had a rerally petite body and now i cant even put shorts on because there allt he way down to my legs is there any thing you could do to help me?

anu —

hai iam suffering from strech marks which is in my breast hip lower and upper stomach arms buttocks thigh iam 18 years old and iam syuffering from this from my 9 th year onwards.pls pls pls help me by giving suggestions………..

squalene oil —

This was very interesting read. I am 4 months into my pregnancy and don’t have that much stretch marks yet but I just wanted to know how I can treat it before hand. My friend, who has already gone through a couple of pregnancy told me that stretch marks did depress her. Thank you for the great tips. Now I know what to expect and what I can do to treat it.

jasmin —

Hi there! Im having problems with my stretch marks! Ive had them since I was young from weight gain! And Im now 19 yrs old! Ive had them since I was about 11 yrs old! I have ALOT all around my abdomin and abs! My self confidence and self esteem is really low! It really sucks too because Ive tried Cocoa butter Shea Butter and Bio Oil for almost 2 yrs! Sadly nothing works! :( im startin give up hope! Does anything truly honestly work?

Mini —

I’m 23 and I lost 7 kilos I thought stretch marks will fade by time since I’m still young but they didn’t. What should I do ?
I don’t exercise at all !

help —

Hi i’m 21 n i’ve had stretch marks for 9years now on my thighs n they go down to my legs, n makes me loose ma self confidence even worse i cant take off ma clothes in front of my boyfriend n his starting to ask questions n i’m so ambersd to tell him the real reason why. Please help coz i’m tried almost everything tat ppl says it helps , n bio oil didn’t do me no good at all

gym guy —

i am a guy i like going to the gym with my firends and i have a gaert body to prove it. i get strenger and bigger in time i ready that i was get stretch mark and my arm,tie, and my arm pit i ask my firend if the get stretch mark they said no so i dont know my i was geting stretch mark. i search the internet to look up what was the best way to get read off stretch mark. i saw lot of stretch mark cream but the best one i saw by people reviews was the one they call trilastin sr i will tie it and see if it work for me.

Anonymous —

I’m 24yrs and i have stretch marks on my breast,buttocks,hip and my laps.i have tried palmers stretch marks cream & bio oil yet nothing worked.please tell me d best cream or anything i can do to get rid of them.

Anonymous —

I realy need help please.i have stretch marks on my hips,laps,buttocks and in my breast.please tell me the best thing i can do to get rid of them.both the local way & the best cream to use.i have used palmers & bio oil they did not work on me.plz e-mail me.

Anonymous —

I have stretch marks on my breast,buttocks,hip and my laps.i have tried palmers stretch marks cream & bio oil yet nothing worked.please tell me d best cream or anything i can do to get rid of them.

Lebo —

I have horrible stretch marks on my hips n legs. I don’t know wat 2 use. Plz help! I’ve lost self-confidence

Stretch marks disappeared —

Stretch marks are gone!

I use derma roller I bought off ebay ( a cheap one) 1.5mm to roll it on my problematic areas once to twice a week ( light pressure) not painful it tickles a bit, skin looks a bit red everytime, but THEY COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED AFTER 6 MONTHS.

I use retin a before i roll and apply vitamin e oil and vitamin c serum after i roll. ( Buy it off ebay pretty cheap)

When i dont roller i just use normal stretch mark creams ( any kind will do) to moisturize it.

P.S – Those creams i mentioned are essential for skin repair, as derma roller penetrates the skin, those creams are vital for absorption.

Rita —

Hi,help am looking for the best cream that will remove my stretch mark i hate it so much. That i need to remove it faster

Tomiwa —

Am 17yrs i hav strech mark on my lap and my leg .am afair girl i usediva lotion cream which i hav stop because its the cream that made the strech mark develop even when hav stop the cream the strech mark did not removed

kiki —

hai..i kiki..i am 21 years old…i have stretch marks on my really ugly with red colours…i hate this so much..i never pregnant again . i think this happen because rapidly weight gaib..from 64 kg to 74 in 2 month.. anyone of you hqve suggestion to eliminate the ugly stretch marks..huhuhu..tenkiu

Aggie —

I have srtetch marks on my arm,thighs and on my weist.i tried celltone but it was too expensive for me so i couldn’t see if it works or not.i only used it for 2 or 3 weeks.i know these creams take time,so please advise me on which effective affordable creame i can use.please help me.

owee —

Hey .iv had stretch marks since I was 16 I’m now granny 2ld me 2 use the purple methylated spirit en mix it with glycerine.they r lite u cn hardly notice them.its cheap en it works.! Gud luck.

junu —

hi its me junu 25,i have got stretch mark during my pregnency,now i have massive stretch marks over my belly n breasts,,i have been using cocoa butter cream ..but i couldnt find any can i get rid ..could u suggest me back please.

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