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I Heard Caffeine Is Effect Remedy For Cellulite – Is This True?

Cellulite is a common condition, in which parts of the skin get dimpled. This happens mostly after puberty, and is usually confined to the areas like lower limbs, pelvic region and the abdomen. A number of different factors affect the formation of cellulite. It is considered to be one of the major cosmetic problems in women.

Caffeine To Treat Cellulite

Hormones and lifestyle play a very important part in the formation of cellulite, and therefore, in most cases, it might not be possible to effectively prevent cellulite from forming. If you are afflicted by cellulite, don’t worry, as a number of treatments are available to treat it.

The most popular remedy for cellulite is the chemical caffeine. Caffeine is an ingredient commonly found in the popular beverage coffee, and has been seen to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of cellulite. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant found in coffee, but its use for getting rid of cellulite is very different. Oral intake of caffeine does not help in getting rid of cellulite, as the caffeine does not reach the affected areas. To treat cellulite, caffeine must be locally applied to the affected areas.

The reason why caffeine works miraculously in treating cellulite is because of its stimulant property. If applied locally to the cellulite affected area, caffeine stimulates the metabolism locally, thereby speeding up the breaking up of fat, and also improving the circulation of blood in the area, which makes for natural increase in metabolism, and speedier burning of fat.

A large number of cellulite reducing products are currently available in the market, the majority of which contain caffeine or caffeine derivatives. One of the popular home remedies for cellulite is to rub the affected areas with coffee grinds. This has been an oft-used method well known for its efficacy. In most of the products available over the counter, the efficacy of caffeine is utilized.

Most of the medicated creams available in the market which facilitate the treatment of cellulite have caffeine as an ingredient – it being one of the most effective substances in the treatment of cellulite. Very often, other substances are mixed with caffeine to further facilitate and catalyze its operation. Ivy is one such substance, which is often added to caffeine, as it helps relax the skin and open the pores so that the caffeine can act more effectively.

Overall, caffeine is well-known as a treatment for cellulite because of its stimulating property that helps to get rid of cellulite fast, besides it is easy to use and apply. Creams and gels which are available over the counter almost always have caffeine as an ingredient. If you want a good and efficient remedy for cellulite, the use of caffeine can be one of the recommended means.

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