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Mederma Reviews

Mederma has some effects on old and new scars resulting from, surgery, injury burns, acne, and stretch marks.  It has been reported that these scars appear softer and smoother. Ingediants include Water (Purified), Peg-4, Allium Cepa (Onion) Bulb Extract, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid.

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Kathy —

I started having stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy and a friend recommended mederma. It really works, but I heard the results are better if you use it right at the beginning of getting your stretch marks or scars.

Allena —

Today will be my first time trying Mederma. I hope it works.

Kayla —

Today is my first too i heard it works GREAT!

The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream —

My friend said this helped her’s a little. I tried it but didn’t notice huge results, but I wasn’t applying it twice a day as directed!

lesli —

omg it is so itchy!!! i’m having twins and my doc told me this cream was one of the safe ones to use while pregnant… so far it made my stretch marks lighter a little bit, but i have just a couple of weeks using it. it is so itchy though, i can barely stand it… i’m not allergic or anything, no redness or swelling… just so much damn itch…

Susan —

I’ve been using Mederma creams for a while now and they’ve done the most for me as far as reducing my stretch marks. Thanks for the quality review!

Jodie —


I started using Mederma about a month ago. So, far it appears to be working! I’ve noticed a change within 1-2 weeks which I’m pleased with. The deep scars around my chin and mouth are taking longer, but they do appear to be softening up a bit.

My skin, where the scars are, does feel softer and smoother, but I am wondering what would happen if I stopped using it. It’s pretty expensive. However, since I am only using it once a day, instead of 3-4 times a day it may last for 2-4 months, instead of just one month) In other words, are the present effects that I see now from using the cream/gel permanent or temporary?

I don’t think so, because I missed one day and the next day the scars didn’t look as smooth and soft, but we will see. I’m willing to keep trying it. I’ll try to give everyone an update later on.

I have bad acne scars all over my face from popping my pimples when I was a teenager. I am now in my 50′s.

If I put it on more than once a day or rub it into the skin really hard it itches badly. The aloe vera and allatoin (both natural skin soothers) should keep the itching down, but they don’t.

However, there is always a solution to every problem. Here’s the trick…..if your skin itches then only barely “rub” it in “gently” like the directions say. The other trick is to only put it on once a day, instead of an extra 2-3 times if your skin itches.

I believe the itching is either caused by the onion working which is a good thing and/or the methylparaben preservatives which is not a good thing for humans. Parabens are used in many of our products today. We are getting too much of it. However, since the methylparaben is one of the last ingredients on the ingredient list it’s not very much. There is more aloe vera leaf juice and onion extract than preservatives on the ingredient list. I just wish they would use a safe preservative instead of parabens. There are always healthier, safer alternatives.

For me, I only put in on at night before I go to sleep, but I put pure (no preservatives) organic aloe vera juide/gel with no preservatives(from Aubry brand – you can buy his at Whole Foods Market or other health food stores) before I put the Mederma on. Aloe Vera soothes and softens the skin well.

I’ve noticed that if I put it on during the day my skin flacks and itches badly, plus I don’t like the way my make-up looks (cakey) when I put it on over the Merderma.

My best advice is just to experiement with what works for your skin. Thanks Mederma! Also, call their 1-888# (1-888-925-8989). Perhaps they can give you sojme suggestions and tell you more. I haven’t been in their web site yet, but I would like to see some independent research to gauge safety and long-term effects, etc. Hope I helped!

roobe —

It’s my first week using the stretchmark therapy and I already feel the difference, I can’t see it, but at least my horrible stretch marks are soft and smoother to the touch, maybe when I’m done with the whole 12 week thing, they will have blended in with my skin a little more. I am happy and feel it is worth trying our.

Pleazure P —

I started using Mederma in January 2010. I had at least 50 dark marks on my face. In 1 month I could count less dark marks on my face. In 6 months, I only had a few dark marks from the more deeper darker scars. These were scars from picking at acne & also getting small boils on my face. They were all gone. When I stopped using Mederma in August, I had noticed my acne flaring back up. So the Mederma was treating my dark marks & preventing more acne from appearing. I LoVe Mederma. I now use Mederma Stretch Mark lotion mixed with Mederma gel. To moisterize while using. This is my first time mixing the two. Just got tired of all the flaking. Thank You Mederma.

Shaylee —

I use Mederma and think it’s great. The first time that I used it was after the birth of my son Scott. My stetch marks were something that I didn’t want to live with. I used Mederma and they definitely faded. Now, whenever I cut myself, I apply it. I think its a great product!

creamfelps —

Thanks for this blog.Which stretch mark cream is the best? which will work on you? Read this review to find the information for Best Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Removal Cream.

Dermatologist London —

I’m off to buy some of this today! I hope it does the job! But if it doesn’t i’m sure to complain!

felina tan —

Will mederma scar cream helps for dented or pitted scar due to ance.

Tim Sabien —

I purchased the Scar Serum from Dr. Max Powers online. The first thing I noticed is that it does NOT irritate my skin (like Mederma, etc.) !!

This was a major plus.

But then, when I used the Dr Max Powers Scar Serum on an old scar… WOW !!! I discovered
that it actually worked !!

Bialik —

I decided to test products on the newest stretch marks I had, which were also the worst ones I’ve ever had and was really looking forward to get rid of. They were bright red, quite long and deep.

I’ve tried Avon stretch mark lotions, Mederma for stretch marks (which I hated and was over-priced), scar removal products, bio-oil, and plain cocoa butter lotions. None of those products worked, but Made from Earth’s Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy seems to be doing well. I’ve used about 1/3 of the product (for almost 3 weeks now), trying to remember to use it twice a day but sometimes only once. The product itself has a light citrus fresh smell (which I’m thankful for, the Mederma one I used smelled strongly of hospital soap, ew.), it has a consistency of whipped butter, it’s not oily.

The reason I decided to review it is because I actually do notice a difference which obviously surprises me since I’ve tried SO many things. They’re definitely not as bright red, more of a dull red. They’re a lot softer and not as deep. Once I’ve finished with this container, I plan on getting another one. I really think the Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy was a worthwhile purchase. If you do decide to buy this, just remember to use it twice a day and stay patient. I really didn’t notice a difference until almost 3 week’s use, but the difference is obvious.

Summer —

I’ve been using maderma for about 3 weeks now, on a very old scar & on a new scar. So far it has not worked. I’m going to continue using it until 12 weeks have passed.

Jennifer Moore —

This turned out to be a disappointing purchase for me despite the raving reviews everywhere. I have been consistently using it on my fairly new scars with no results so far.

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