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Murad Firm and Tone Serum Cellulite Cream Review

Attempting to firm and tone the skin is something that many individuals that suffer with cellulite attempt to do. In order to assist them with this there are a variety of products on the market such as Murad Firm and Tone. The big question is though do they work and if so to what degree?

Murad Firm and Tone Serum

Product Use

This product has been designed to cover up the imperfections in the skin that comes with cellulite. It focuses on attempts to increase the elasticity of the skin in this area and firm it up. The manufacturer claims that this occurs approximately 80% of the time. It is also promoted to be beneficial for stretch marks as well.


As with any product in the cosmetic line it must contain a variety of ingredients that can perform the necessary actions to keep the product workable, consistent and maintain a shelf life. In respect to being workable it means the ease in which the product can be applied, and its ability to penetrate the skin and its longevity for remaining on the area it is applied, to and how long the active ingredients will keep performing.

Manufacturers of products such as cellulite reduction products have a large selection of these types of products to choose from. There are some top quality products at their disposal that will serve a dual purpose such as having the ability to soften, moisturize and smooth skins. Naturally these raw ingredients are most expensive when they start to get into the top quality range which means the cost of the end product, which is what you as the consumer ends up paying and it will be higher.
Just as important are the active ingredients in the products. These are the particular products chosen to be active at performing specific functions in respect to reducing both the appearance and the cellulite itself. In this particular product these are the major active ingredients…

These products appear to be the significant ingredients that the manufacturer supports as being the key beneficial ingredients….

Cat’s Claw
Technically it is sometimes referred to as Una de Gato. Although it has many qualities in respect to cellulite, it is its ability to stimulate cell growth that will be stronger in their elasticity properties. It is believed that with this increased cell activity that it will stimulate the cellulite affected area to burn off the fat that has accumulated there. The increased cell growth is created by the increased circulation that takes place as a result of the use of the cat’s claw.

Cayenne Pepper

Known as Capsicum frutescens and comes from the chili pepper. The idea of it being beneficial for cellulite is its ability to increase blood circulation which may help the body to eliminate toxins that may have accumulated in the cellulite area.

Additional active ingredients…

Horse Chestnut Tree Extract
Chestnut oil extract is known as a anti-inflammatory because it contains saponins which are groups of phytochemicals. These are good for the circulation that feeds the cellulite area.

Tiger’s Herb
Tiger’s herb is the nickname for gotu kola and is believed to be beneficial for the treatment of cellulite because it can increase blood flow to the cellulite area. With increased flow from the blood it may allow for increased new cell growth which helps to replace the cells in the cellulite area that have become affected by the cellulite. There is some speculation that tiger’s herb can also help to get rid of the excess water build up that becomes trapped in between the layers of fat found in the cellulite. It would do this by strengthening the lymph system of the body in that area.

Lycium Barbarum fruit extract
Many may be familiar with this as being promoted as Goji juice. It has a lot of antioxidant properties and is rich in many other compounds that may be beneficial to the skin such as vitamins B & C as well as zinc and selenium.

Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract
This also comes under the name of Guarana at times, and the reason it may be beneficial to the treatment of cellulite is because of the caffeine compounds that it contains. It could create the puffy appearance that is associated with cellulite to shrink, and make the skin to appear smoother.

Why It May Work
Based on the number of active ingredients that the product contains which are widely being used to help to diminish the appearance of cellulite, some results may be evident in this respect. To what degree will depend on the specific ingredient as it is applicable to the degree of the cellulite problem it is being used on.

Why It May Not Work

There are no real indications as to what the quantity of beneficial active ingredients is to be found in the Murad Firm and Tone product. Usually where the ingredient is located on the list of ingredients found on a specific product is the indicator as to what the quantity is. Those found closer to the top are usually the higher volume of contents.


There are some significant active ingredients to be found in this product that are often found in other products of this type that have gained a reputation for effectively reducing the appearance of the cellulite.


It would be easier to judge the value of the product if the ingredients were higher on the list for volume. One significant potential draw back to this product is it multi use of ingredients that end with “paraben” These are usually the product ingredients used to stabilize the product. In respect to parabens, there has been a lot of controversy over the safety factors of this ingredient, that so many manufacturers of cosmetic products tend to avoid them if possible. They are an inexpensive ingredient and this is one of the factors that draw some manufacturers to use them.

My opinion of this product rests on my concerns that the product may be considered to be top quality because of the reputation that Murad has for some of their other cosmetic products. Looking specifically at this particular one, although it does have good ingredients, I am suspicious as to whether the volume of these would be enough to warrant the price of the product in comparison to what one can expect by way of results. Then the issue of the parabens may be of concern as well.

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