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Mustela Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

Finding a stretch mark cream is as easy as turning on your computer, there are about a million different types available online. However, finding an effective stretch mark cream is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are no shortages of companies that make and market these creams, and if you are not careful you will buy into the marketing scheme rather than product itself.


Because many of the marketing campaigns for these creams are the only thing worth buying! In other words some of the creams are less than truthful on their product claims. So, how do you make sure you buy one of the effective creams, and not one of posers? The answer to this is simply by researching the product before you buy it, which is exactly what I am about to do with this cream.

When researching a product you always want to list the Pros and Cons of the product as well as the ingredients actions. This will help you decide what products are best suited for your specific needs and if the product is really as effective as you want. Mustela Special Stretch Marks Double Action Cream has some obvious pros and cons, as does any product, let’s look a little closer.


  • This formula is specifically designed for use during pregnancy and postpartum, which means that it has been tested under gynecological standards and control.
  • It is safe to use with ultrasound machines.
  • Safe to use during breastfeeding.
  • Calls for application twice a day rather than 3-4 times a day like other formulas.
  • Cost half of what other formulas cost.
  • Application results in a thick layer of moisture on the skin that lasts all day, preventing dryness.
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Seems quite successful at preventing stretch marks.


  • Thick layer that prevents drying can cause clothes to stick to you, and generally make you feel “icky”.
  • Most women say that it does nothing to reduce the appearance of old stretch marks.
  • The sweet smell can agitate morning sickness in some women.
  • Cost is higher than other prevention products.
  • Hard to find in a retail location.
  • In order to receive full benefits of the product you must begin using it early in your pregnancy, before your belly begins to grow.

For a product to work properly, it needs to contain the right ingredients. In this case Mustela stretch marks double action is primarily used as a prevention tool to prevent stretch marks before they occur. While the website makes mention of minimizing the appearance of stretch marks the majority of women that use, or have used the product, state that it has little to no effect on existing stretch marks…new or old. Therefore, we should focus on ingredients that moisturize the skin and increase the skins elasticity and suppleness, to prevent the stretch marks from occurring. The main active ingredients in Mustela double action are Elastoregulator®, a soy peptide derivative, Chlorophycea, and Lupeol combined with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Elastoregulator, a soy derivative, reinforces the skin’s elasticity by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, when used in combination with alpha hydroxy acid it stimulates cellular renewal and acts on reducing the prominence of stretch marks. Lupeol stimulates collagen production. In English this translates to a lot of ingredients that moisturize and increase the production of collagen and elastin, a critical component to preventing stretch marks.

It is important to remember that this product is intended to prevent stretch marks, not to cover them or eliminate them. Mustela has received some unjust negative reviews from women who bought the product in an attempt to reduce the appearance of old stretch marks. The product description is for stretch mark prevention. In general this product seems to have a large base of followers that either love it or hate it. The greater majority of women that I found who bought this product to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and who started using it early on, had only positive comments about it. The completely uniform number one complaint on the product was pricing, not failure to prevent stretch marks. In conclusion, Mustela seems like a great product that offers full spectrum protection against the development of stretch marks. However, you must remember that stretch marks may occur no matter what you use do to genetics and internal changes.

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