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Revitol Cellulite Cream Review

For those who are having difficulties with cellulite it is a problem that they want corrected as quickly as
possible, as it can create an unsightly appearance to the skin. There are many products on the market
that are promoted to treat or help cellulite with one of these products being Revitol Cellulite Cream Solution.

Revitol Cellulite Cream Solution

This product is being promoted as working in all ways against cellulite. Indications are that results should be noted after a few weeks provided the product has been used regularly.


Product Ingredients

There are many ingredients in this product. As with all products the order in which the ingredients
appear on the actual label indicate the amount and importance of content although the exact
percentage of how much of each ingredient is to be found in the product may not be evident. The
following is a list of the products to be found in the Revitol Cellulite Solution.

These appear to be the most beneficial ingredients that are being use to acquire satisfactory results of
the product.

Caffeine/Coffee Extract

This ingredient acts as a diuretic but it’s only a temporary fix for cellulite. What it will do is
remove the water from the area it is applied to so then the cellulite appears smaller because
the skin has been dehydrated here. Once the body rehydrates the area again the cellulite will
increase in its size again.

Algae Extract/Bladderwrack Extract

This works on the fluid that has become lodged between the fat cells in the cellulite area. It is
this trapped fluid that makes the area look like orange peel. Bladderwrack is considered to be a

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract works well with the combination of the caffeine/coffee extract by increasing
the blood circulation so that the toxins can be released and removed.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains a compound called Theobromine. This has the ability for good absorption by
the skin and when it does it helps the body to absorb the stored fat that is found in the cellulite.
It may also have some caffeine compound which will work well with the other similar caffeine

Retinol A

This is a one of the components of Retin-A and the premise behind Retinol A is that it can alter
or reduce the water content that is found in the skin tissue that covers the cellulite.

Shea Butter

This acts as a preparation for the skin to make it more accessible for the other product
ingredients. Shea butter is an excellent skin softener and moisturizer. It is believed that if the
skin is soft and moisturized that it will be able to absorb the product ingredients that are meant
to treat the cellulite.

Horsetail Extract

This contains an ingredient call Aescin which is the most beneficial compound in Horse chestnut
for cellulite. Horse Chestnut works on the walls of veins to strengthen them, which can help with
increased circulation.

Gotu Kola Extract

This is an excellent ingredient because of its capabilities. It contains glycosaminoglycan. This
compound prevents the displacement of fat cells which is the culprit of cellulite. Plus it will
stabilize connective tissue. It works by toning the blood vessels and by doing this it improves the
circulation to the cellulite area.

Fennel Extract

Also contains the compounds for remove the excess water in the skin tissue covering the

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba is known to be a vasodilator, which means it encourages good circulation which
may help to slow down the fatty substances from accumulating creating the cellulite.

Grapeseed Extract

This extract serves a multi-purpose. First it can help to increase the elasticity in the small blood
vessels which helps to strength the fibers that make up the collagen of the skin stronger. Plus it
has antioxidant properties which may encourage proper lymph distribution which works more
as a preventative in stopping the cellulite from forming.

The following list of ingredients contained in this product work seem to have the primary function of
preparing the skin so it can more readily absorb the active ingredients that are being use to address
the build up of the cellulite.

Purified Water,

Squalene Oil 99%,

This is a natural moisturizer. Most skin care products use Squalane rather than squalene.


Good for moisturizing the skin and less likely to cause skin sensitivity.

Safflower Oil,

Contains vitamin E helps in moisturizing the skin


Skin moisturizer that works by softening the keratin that is found in the skin.

Aloe Vera Extract,

Moisturizing properties

Horse Chestnut,

Skin conditioning properties

The next grouping of ingredients are used most for stabilizing the product so it doesn’t do things
like separate, and it helps it to remain at the right consistency, and prevents it from going rancid. It
helps to dictate the shelf life of the product. Some also have the additional benefit of softening and
conditioning the skin, as well as can help to create a barrier for water loss.

Sodium Hyaluronate, Vegetable Emulsifier, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl, Stearate, Vitamin A Palmitate,
Vitamin E Acetate, Triethanolamine, Dimethicone, Disodium EDTA, Panthenol, Tricaprylin,

Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Inositol, Germal II, Cetyl Alchohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate,

Why It Works

One of the concepts about the formation of cellulite is that it forms because of poor circulation in
some areas of the body where cellulite is commonly found. The product ingredients in Revitol Cellulite
Solution that focus on the promotion of increasing circulation may be the most beneficial factor of
getting results by way of slowing down the increase of cellulite.

Pros and Cons


The ingredients that are used in this product all have a good history of being beneficial for the purposes
that they are being used here for. There is a lot of good caliber ingredients being used to moisturize and
soften the skin, which acts as a pre conditioner for the more active products that focus on the reduction
of the cellulite rather than camouflaging it.


Based on the ingredients in the product that so many of them focus on preconditioning the skin, then
the next set focuses on the moisturizing and softening, it probably means that most of the effects
noticed will be in the actual appearance rather than in the reduction of the formation of the cellulite.
This means that in order to continue the enjoyment of the enhanced appearance the product use will
have to be ongoing. If one were to stop using the product likely the condition would resort back to its
pre product use state.


If one uses this product with realistic expectations of mostly a reduction in the appearance of the
cellulite, then they are probably going to be pleased with the end result. However, if the expectation is
that that cellulite problem is going to disappear or not return then chances are they will be in store for
some disappointments.

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