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The Best Exercises To Rid Yourself Of Cellulite In The Thighs And Butt Areas

Cellulite is a worldwide problem with almost 90% of the urban population having some form of cellulite or the other. Because there is no medical cure for cellulite, people are forever in search for the best exercises that can help them reduce the ugly appearance cellulite on their body. The parts that are the most affected by cellulite are the thighs, stomach and the butt area.

Before we move on to know how to reduce the appearance of cellulite through cellulite reduction exercise, let us first know what exactly cellulite is and how it is caused.


What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a fat tissue that consists of connective tissue which is meant to protect our muscles and organs. Once fats, fluids and toxins get trapped in this tissue they tend to harden by creating pockets that appear like dimples on our skin. These dimples are what are known as cellulite deposits. They are mostly found on the thighs and the butts, though a large number of people also have cellulite deposits on their arms, stomach and breasts.

Causes Of Cellulite

Here are some potential causes of cellulite and ways in which you can fight these causes:

•    Genetics: You can’t conveniently lay the blame on your parents for giving you the cellulite conditions as there are a wide number of exercises to reduce cellulite. However, if your mom had or has cellulite, you are more likely to have it too.
•    Poor Diet: High fat content diet is also one important cause of cellulite. So take a balanced diet for cellulite.
•    Lack of exercise: People who tend to gain weight due to cellulite should consider cellulite reduction exercise to give their body a fit shape.
•    Lack of water: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins that get trapped in the cellulite pockets.

Some Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite reduction exercises would not only help you look better it would also tone your muscles, improve circulation, and build strength and endurance thus making your energetic and fit. Try the following workout routine to get rid of those cottage cheese dimples from the thigh and the butt:

•    Strength training for at least 20 minutes. This is an effective butt cellulite exercise. See Divas’s Cellulite Buster Workout Plan
•    Follow it by treadmill jogging for the next 20 minutes. While on the treadmill the heart rate should stay at a maximal of 70% to 80%.
•    You can also try this exercise cellulite thigh reducing workout: Lie down and bring both knees forward so that your hips are at a rectangle position. Straighten out your legs to a 90 degree angle and then bring them down to a 30 degree angle. Repeat a few times and till you feel the pressure on your calf and thigh muscles mounting.
•    Also try some yoga cellulite diet exercise to get rid of your cellulite problem. Breathing exercises like Pranayama help get rid of cellulite and also treat several hormonal and enzyme related problems.
•    Lawn tennis, squash, football, handball, skipping and cycling are also great cellulite busters.

There are plenty of butt cellulite exercise and thigh cellulite exercise options. All you need to do is to get up and go to a gym where a trainer would be able to help you get started.  He would not only provide you with the best exercises schedule, but would also ensure that you follow it consistently.

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Santica —

Thanks for describing what cellulite is and what exercises you can do to aid in reducing it on your legs. Good post.

Eliminating Cellulite —

Wow! Such a nice treatment for eliminating cellulite. I hope this thing would grow up really well progressed stuff! Thank you so much for the idea.

Sharen —

I try it nd it work. i like the honesty and not a advertising product for making money. i use a product from a adverd and get more cellu thin i had i was very upset but this execise is great.thanx alot

Madge UK —

A friend recommended that I try this Dr Max Powers brand Stretch Mark Treatment for my cellulite! I’ve heard of Dr. Max Powers brand, but I didnt know it was for ladies as well!!

Her friend was using it and was pleased with the results. I bought online – that was 3 months ago and 3 jars ago – and I will continue to use this product – I have seen results – it is not a miracle cream – you are not going to instantly have baby behind smooth skin BUT it does help.

I am a mom of 3 and have a bunch of cellulite – that I hate and makes me feel very self-conscious – THIS product gives me hope (along with exercise of course) but I have seen it working over time. I don’t think I will give it up anytime soon :) it’s a “for me” product that I don’t mind splurging on -

I use it right after the shower as I’m getting ready every day!

April —

I read your blog & its interesting. I’m going to give it a try for a few wks to see if I notice the difference.
Thanks for the advice.
April C.

Anonymous —

Thanks for the advice…very helpful

Eesti —

Core! Core! Core! This is what has been lacking from my workout for my entire life. Now that I am thirty I have some catching up to do. IThis exercise looks familiar. I am ready for the advanced version. Yes! Thanks :)

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