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TriLastin CF Cellulite Cream Review

Choosing the right type of cellulite treatment can be a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. By knowing a little about the active ingredients that a product contains and what is expected of these ingredients, it will help you to make an informed decision. One particular product that you may want to review for your cellulite needs is TriLastin CF.

Product Use

According to the manufacturer of this product the results that you can expect would be a lifting of the skin in the cellulite area, and a reduction in the unsightly appearance that cellulite presents. This product is promoted as being able to stimulate skin metabolism and not only reduce the cellulite, but to also help it from returning. Skin metabolism is a process of chemical reactions that take place in the skin such as new cell growth.


The active ingredients …

Retinyl Palmitate
This ingredient has the ability to reduce the outer dryness and flaking of the skin and will help it to be suppler.
Citrus Mdeica Limonum (lemon peel oil)
The oil from lemons including their peels is known to be beneficial in assisting with the blood circulation. It is believed by increasing the blood flow to the cellulite area that it will help to break up the fat and generate healthy cell growth to replace those that have been adversely affected by the accumulation of fat.
Citrus Grandis (grapefruit peel oil)
Grapefruit peel oil is most known for its ability to stimulate the lymph system of the body. In respect to cellulite this may be beneficial in helping to rid the area of toxins that are known to build up in the affected areas. It is beneficial in slowing down the water retention that builds between the layers of fat in the cellulite area.
Officinale (ginger) Root Oil
This may not be one of the more common ingredients found in cellulite products but it could be beneficial in respect to its ability to increase blood circulation.
Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil
This is a great ingredient for fighting fluid retention which is a big problem in the cellulite area. This fluid will often give that bloated look to the area.
Macadamia Ternifolia, Seed Oil
Macadamia oil has the ability to make the skin feel almost like silk. It has a heavy base to it though so too much is not a good thing as it could leave the skin feeling greasy.
Zea Mays (corn) Oil
This is very beneficial for conditioning the skin which serves two purposes. One it makes the appearance of the skin look better, and secondly it conditions the skin in preparation for the other ingredients to be more efficient at their job.
Helianthus Annus (sunflower seed oil )
This is another conditioning emollient that the skin reacts well to.

Additional Ingredients
This product contains a substantial amount of other ingredients. There are several that provide the effects of softening the skin and will go to work on making it soft and subtle. The other compounds are used to maintain the stability of the product and preserve its shelf life. Then there are others that have the job of keeping the product in a state where it is easy to use and apply.

Why It May work

To begin with it’s important to take a look at what the manufacturer is placing their importance on in respect to what makes this product successful. They claim the success of the product is contributed to two major technologies that they have developed. This is LipoTrisome™ and Active Complex and SDDS™ LipoTrisome™ is basically a mix of botanical extracts in a liposome base and Active Complex and SDDS™ is a delivery system of the ingredients which is supposed to work on the cellulite area.

Why It May Not Work

Based on the ingredients that the product is comprised of, there does not appear to be anything different in these ingredients than many of the other products formulated for this skin problem. Judging where they appear on the list of ingredients, this may be an indicator as to there not being an abundance of any one specific ingredient that is promoted as a cellulite reducer. In respect to appearance, the product has the capability of diminishing the unwanted surface appearance of cellulite.

There is a good selection of ingredients here that have gained a reputation for diminishing the appearance of cellulite. If the delivery system works the way it is being promoted to do then this may make this product superior to many others that are on the market.

The biggest concern is the amount of beneficial ingredients that are being used in this particular product. Another matter of concern is that a secondary product is being promoted to enhance the abilities of TriLastin CF as part of a cellulite treatment program. If this product is as effective as what it is promoted to be why is there a need for an enhancer?

Overall I can’t say that I find the product ingredients in this particular product any more beneficial than those found in some of the less expensive similar products. If the two technologies affiliated with this product do as they are promoted as doing then it adds more credibility to it. However as mentioned, the fact that a second product is being used to enhance it raises the question, is this merely a upsell marketing tactic, or does TriLastin CF really need an additional boost to live up to what it is being touted as being? These are all factors that really need to be considered when paying a substantial amount of money for a product that people who suffer from cellulite want to rely on. Most people want a product that will actually get rid of the cellulite, or at the very least greatly reduce its unsightly appearance.

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