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Trilastin Reviews

Trilastin as seen on Tyra Banks Show.  Trilastin is a topical skin cream used specifically for stretch marks caused by pregnancy, body building, puberty and weight gain. TriLastin SR works to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks by improving the skin’s elasticity with a propritory blend of ingredients.

Ingrediants include Water (Aqua), Ceterayl Alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Peg-3 Benzyl, Ether Myristate, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Butylene Glycol, Octyldodecanol, Beeswax, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin Laureth-7, Behenyl Alcohol, Glyceryl, Stearate Citrate, Sodium Dicocoylethylenediamine, PEG-15 Sulfate, Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorophenesin, Propylparaben, Azelaic Acid, Pueraria Lobate Root Extract, Algin, Sodium Citrate.

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Julie —

Trilastin is the only cream that’s worked for me!!! I’m 32 and I’ve had stretch marks since I was 18 and it just got worse after my pregnancy. I’ve given up on stretch mark creams a while ago, but it got so bad after my pregnancy that I had to try something expensive and I’m very glad I did, I’ve been using it for 2 months and I love the results!!!

Charlie S. —

I recommend Trilastin to anyone and everyone!!! My stretch marks are gone and I’m much happier with myself without them.

Sarah —

I decided to try it out since I read awsome reviews in various websites about Trilastin, but for some reason it didn’t work well for me, it helped a little bit, though.

Tami —

I’m 7 month pregnant and I started using Trilastin for prevention last month. So far so good, not stretch marks even though my belly is huge and still growing!!! It’s a great moisturizer and it feels really good on my skin.

vanessa —

i’ve been trying it for the last 2 months and honestly got no results. If anything the marks got worse, and i haven’t gained a whole lot of waight!

Rosa —

Charlie… I am very happy to hear that someone has gotten rid of their stretch marks. You must be very happy and you certainly deserve. I wanted to ask how long you’ve been using Tri Lastin and what was the severity of your stretch marks? I’ve been using Tri Lastin for almost three months now, and I’m seeing good results. I’m going to be patient and continue with my treatment as I see that the smaller stretch marks are almost gone. The larger deeper marks have also gotten much better but they will still require some more work. I’m trying to be patient and adamant because I know that I’ll be rid of these ugly stretch marks.

MAria Flores —

My face cream has powerful antioxidants because it actually contains real blue berries. . .its from this organic and chemical free company called Made from Earth – Three Berry Face Cream. It has actual berries in it which are mixed with the lotion and applied to your face. Plus, I have sensitive skin and don’t put any chemicals in my body, and this one of the few face creams I have found that is 100% chemical free . .
Seriously – toxic synthetic chemicals in your lotions are not necessary. Human skin is porous which means that substances we put on our skin are absorbed directly into our bloodstream. This means these chemicals may end up in your liver or other organs. The Made from Earth skin care line is my favorite and I use the organic Adagio for shampoo

Kathleen Leroi —

Looks like this cream is the real thing.

I’ve found other creams that worked (biostretchmarkcream) but looks like this could do the trick as well.

I’ve suffered from stretch marks, so going to see if both speed up the process.

Be safe and thanks and bunch

jasmine —

I used Tri Lastin for two months and I never saw any results. My stretch marks are not severe so I thought that they would diminish with no problem from this highly rated and publicized product. It turns out that I just wasted a lot of money for nothing. I was deeply disappointed, If anyone knows of something else that may work, please share.

Kate —

Love this product! Trilastin is the only stretch mark product that has worked for me. I was only using it for a couple of weeks and saw a great improvement. Everyone should try it.

Alejandra —

I just started using trilastin last night and i am hoping and praying they will go away!! right when i put on the first little cream that helps the trilastin SR absorb better, i saw more stretch marks than i thought i had. its like the cream made them more visible when i put it on because you are actually rubbing your skin in a circular motion so i think it just opens up your stretch marks more so the cream can start healing it. i dont know. after a few minutes you can feel like tingling on the are you put it on like its actually fixing it or something. i hope i get to see some results soon!

chanel —

did u do any pics before the treatment. I’d like other people’s befor and after shots…

denise —

does this cream actually work?? i am desperate

Face Lift Without Surger —

I would also like to see some before and after pics. Not that it will tell anything, but I am very curious with all of the good remarks! :)

Best Face Lotion —

great post…great products..this help a lot..thanks for sharing with it.

galina —

does this really work? or does it only work for some people?

Adrienne —

I’ve never heard anything really bad about Trilastin. To be honest, I’ve been extremely skeptical of stretch mark creams up to this point. But I’m tempted to give this product a try!

ChiChi O. —

I’m looking into this too and, in addition, I’d like to know the races of the people above because I am of African descent and I want to know if that affected like users adversely or not. I’m planning to get it in two weeks or so…and lots of pictures shall be taken. I’m also looking into their cellulite cream!
Let me know, guys! :)

Anonymous —

Does this really work?

cj5 —

Put the cream on the spots you have stretch marks then do a exercise that get the whole body sweating. I thinks you will reduce your marks sooner if you get blood flowing to the skin. I used stretch mark cream and played a sport like basketball and I felt a tingling sensation all over my stomach a couple of weeks later the appearence of my stretch marks diminished hope this helps.

striaeking —

didn’t work for me – all dermatologists i’ve talked to say these creams on scams and that ‘marks’ (people associated with the comapany product) write postive reviews.

Me being so depressed and desparate figured I try this anyway – but nothing, absolutely zilch

kyristal —

i tried the cream for a month did exactily what i was suppose to do i do not recommend this cream for and african american females we would need way more help!

Tera —

I have been using trilastin twice daily for 3 weeks, no noticeable results yet!

stretch marks free —

I like this blog and the way you write…there are many products out there that promise to remove stretch marks,so if you research online you will see more positive reviews than negative about trilastin,recommended,thanks.

Skin Care —

I tried it and it works. Thank you for your help.

LL —

I have been using trilastin for a couple of weeks and i have seen results. surely but slowly, i believe that if i exfoliate weekly and continue to use trilastin daily that my stretch marks will be gone.

Anonymous —

i have been using trilastin for about a month and i have noticed some change , where my stretch marks are on the bottom part of my stomache , they have deminished in color a whole lot

Jenn —

I purchased Trilastin SR with the hydro thermal accelerator (came with it) about a month ago. I’m telling YOU – it works. My stretch marks are on my tummy and breast, the marks are about 6 years old. (pregnancy)… I have tried lots of things: Olive oil, coconut oil, micro-dermabrasion, loofah, shea butter, Bio-Oil, Palmer’s….. none of these did much except give my skin moisture and greasy. With Trilastin, the product fully soaked INTO my skin instead of being on top. Immediately, I notice how soft my skin felt! WOW. In the first week you can see slight improvement! After one month I have seen dramatic decrease in the deepness of the stretch mark and they are fading quickly! I am SOOO happy and amazed. The bottle says to use it 2-3 times a day and I usually only use it once a day. (due to my laziness) and it has been well worth the money ($80) I recommend anyone use this stuff! I think I may start using it on my face to prevent aging. I plan to use this product for a very long time. Give it a try.

M Granger —

I never review products but I had to write about this one. I’ve always been very skeptical with stretch mark creams because it never works for me and my skin is super sensitive so if I happen to choose the wrong one, I WILL get a bad rash. My friend actually mentioned the Dr. Max Powers “Stretch Mark Treatment” to me saying it made her skin feel super smooth. I tried hers and was sold. I was skeptical at first because I thought it was just men’s workout products, but they had a stretch mark cream for the body builders I guess.

I had visible stretch marks on my belly from the pregnancy and now its so light I can barely see them. On top of that, my skin seriously feels so smooth (the husband loves this btw!). I just bought my second one and it still works great!

As an online shopper, I find myself to be very skeptical about buying “certain” products online. For me, I was pretty adamant about getting my stretch marks lightened up; not knowing anything about which products to try, I was referred to try this one. The price was reasonable, the product looked good, so I decided to give it a shot. After about 4 weeks I started noticing my marks slowly fading away. If anyone is really serious about getting their stretch marks taken care of; I would highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark product.

Jane Dawson —

Stretch marks are not easy to cure, but as long as you stay informed and don’t rush your decision of buying a product, you should be fine. Thank you for the links.

sharon —

i have used trilastin after two kids and i didnt think it really worked.i used it for three months n i didnt see any change in my stretch marks

lilly —

wondering how the product trilastin sr works im praying it helps at least a little

Anonymous —

I am thinking about giving Tri Lastin a try. I recently got on this new medicine and it made me gain weight like crazy. I finally got off of it and have lost 16 pounds… The disapointing thing is that I am left with all these stretch-marks all over my thighs and my sides and on my stomach. I am going to give Tri Lastin a try. I do not have very much income so I will be very disapointed and mad if this product does not help me. This is going to be something I splurge on because I am very desperate for results. I hope it works!!!

ruth —

I have been using trilastin for 2 weeks now and my stretch marks have gotten darker…is this normal?

laura —

i just bought it i really hope it works it will make me feel so much better about my body

Simone —

I have had stretchmarks on my sides for a couple of years from putting on several pounds in a short amount of time. I have since taken the weight off (just by diet and exercise) but the stretchmarks remained. My skin is fair and relatively sensitive. I tried Trilastin for about 50 days and I didn’t see much of a difference. At first the marks actually seemed to get worse, then went back to the size and color that they started as. I used it at least twice a day as directed (skipping only one day somewhere in between). Although this product didn’t work for me personally, I will say that their customer service is great. I sent back a practically empty bottle before the 60 day guarantee ran out and they refunded my money even though I had thrown away the original receipt and packaging. So I suppose you don’t have much to lose considering the shipping is free if you buy straight from them; return shipping costed me less than $2, so it was worth a try. Hope this helps somebody.

Kase —

I have been hearing a lot of positive comments about TriLastin so I decided to give it a try. I just got it in the mail today and its my first time using it. I’ll be keeping updates on how it goes. I’ve tried many products such as coco butter and bio oil, so hopefully this will be effective!

StretchMarks-GOAWAY!! —

I just got my triLastin in the mail as well and i will be reposting my progress!! I have had stretch marks for as long as i can remember on the sides of my bum and on my inner thighs :0( I was recently blessed with an incredible baby boy!.. And now have stretch marks on my belly.. and I HATE THEM!! ill repost my progress in 2 wks wish me luck xoxo and if it works ill post before and after pics.. as i am way to embarrassed to show them now ahhhh!! lol

aanguiano —

Ladies please get some before & after photos. Im soooo desperate i want to feel sexy again without these ugly marks on my tummy. It will help tremendously to see you guys successful stories in pictures, i bet alot of other gals think the same too. :)

coco chanel —

I never used trilastin but I was getting excited from hearing so much about it but after reading some reviews I decided not to but I will say this I have been using a mixture of shea butter and olive oil that really helps it takes some tyme but it helps I was just hoping for a quick fix but I guess not

beautiful —

I agree with coco shea butter and olive oil really helps its takes a period of time but it definately works it must be pure olive oil and 100% pure shea butter that u get from any beauty supply store it takes time but I promise you it works

mariela —

Im 17. and im getting stretch marks everywhere im going to order this cream ihope it really words because i hate them

cecilia —

@aanguiano I get what you mean! I second that request. I just need to sure it’s worth the investment.

Sharon —

I tried Trilastin and I was very disappointed. I think it made my stretch marks more visible. My stretch marks weren’t that bad but now they look worse than they did before I used Trilastin. I returned the unused portion and received a refund. My advice – Don’t purchase this cream!

dhjhonson —

The information is really nice on the blog ,This helps to soothe the skin while easing inflammation. Has been scientifically proven to stimulate skin growth and restore damaged skin. For more Visit our site.

xoxo —

hi i’m nicole
i’m just 12 years old but i already have stretch marks on my legs
i’m so devastated
i can’t wear shorts because of it
i was hoping ang always praying that this stretch marks could go away..
so i’m just asking does this stretch mark cream really works?
cause i really really need it..thanks

tequila warren —

the only thing i been using is coco butter and i really want them to go away im tierd of covering up my body like its the summertime somebody tell me what to use because im really confuse

jasmine —

mmmmmmmm does it work or not?????? un dicided if i should buy

GuGu GaZa —

I am 24 years old and I’ve had stretch marks since I was 14. I have them due to weight loss and weight gain as well as puberty (afcourse). I have stretch marks on my shoulders, arms, breasts, stomach, butt, knees, behind the knees, thighs, love handles, lower back, sides of my stomach. They are lighter than my complexion, since i have them for 10 years now. I am happy with my stretch marks, my sweety calls me his little giselle *MEOW*

Alexis —

I’ve never tried this yet, & Ive had stretch marks since I was 12(no lie!!!!)
and I’m now 15 and I was very tiny but I was on the Depo shot(birth control) and ended up gaining 40lbs
So now I’m on the Nuva ring. And my stretch marks are horribly bad. Dark purple and very deep! I thought it was turning into something seriouse but it is just stretch marks.
Im in highschool and can’t wear shorts or short sleev shirts.
There on both my arms legs back of my knees my stomch & both my sides.
Does this work!!!!!!!!’

keia —

I wnt to get rid of them so bad i’ve been searchin the internet nd watching you tube videos for a cure…i jus wnt to be certsin when i buy it tht it will wrk. i used bio it wrkd a lil it made them lighter then my skin color tho. i jus wnt them gone for good

ashley —

im just fifteen. does this really work?

Elizabeth —

18 and expecting my first. my stretch marks are red as hell and i keep getting more all over my upper half and even near my vagina area too. I’m going to try this product i just hope it works. can i sue if it doesn’t?

Anonymous —

I used this product for 2 months and got results. From reading the blog it appears it worked for some but not others. I guess it depends on your skin type among other things. I personally think it’s a good product and if you use it consistently the way you’re supposed to as well as do some type of exercise, whether it be walking, jogging, treadmill, that helps it even more. I think CJ or someone mentioned doing an exercise with it as well in the blog. Also, you have to make sure it is rubbed entirely into the skin and dried in order for it to work. You can’t just put it on and then get dressed immediately rubbing it off of the skin. Give it a few minutes to thoroughly dry into the skin before you get dressed. For quicker results, you have to be active. Overall I like this Product and it has the been the only one that actually worked. I tried 2 others and they did not work at all.

mary may —

Hi. I am gotten positive and negitive feed back from this product. Does it help or not???

sever —

I was just researching some of the ingredients in Trilastin and noticed that most of them are skin irritants and some possibly cancerous according to the cosmetic safety database… i am no skin expert but was doing my research before even attempting to buy this expensive product and understand why most women’s stretch marks worsen. Any how i was going tobuy this but reading up on it has defently changed my mind. Will live with these ugly lines rather then apply all these dangerous ingredients.

Carry —

I have been using trilastin for two weeks and two days today! I have noticed a slight improvements especially the ones on my upper hips closer to my back area…. I know 80.00 is alot of money to me, but even for the slight improvement I have gotten so far, it is worth it for me, try combining it with a derma roller?? I am I have used it twice… they say to give it at least 30 days before you give up completley! I do not want to do a tummy tuck, but I know in the end it would make me feel better about my stomach, but trilastin on the legs and hips tohelp fade them is great!!

GeeGee —

I have stretch marks on my booty n sum on my theighs and on my stomach. My stretch marks are 3 years old but always had them on my calves. I’m 22 n the stretch marks on my calves are hard to get rid off. I use cocoa butter n vitamin c every day n I do see that my stretch marks are lighter n smaller. The calves area taken longer but I do see results. I used Avon body stretch mark 24 n it works great. My stomach started of dark tone and gotten lighter. The trick to these stretch mark cream is to let it absorb into your skin until your skin resist. Doing that and bein active with plenty of water you will see results. Ima purchase trilastin n revitol will post before and after. Email me for pics. Calizwanted@ yahoo

Mayra —

I am 24 and i had my 1st born 7 yrs ago when i was 17, i was 98lbs and ended up in 150… i had stretchmarks on my butt cheeks from puberty but after my pregnancy i got lots of them on my legs thighs stomach..I am a single mom with 2 kids n i want to really atleast help the ones on my legs .. please someone help me i really dont want to spend my money on something thats not going to work. can someone email me with b4 and after pics you can cut off your heads if 2 embarrased.. I have tan color skintone pleasse help!!!!!

Tanisha —

Hey Im and african american female and I would very much appreciate it if someone of my skin tone (light brown/brown) email me before and after pictures ! I would reaaaaaaally appreciate it!!!!! you can crop your heads out if you’d like ! just please ! anyone that has tried this product !!!

Me (African) —

I used Trilastin (for 3mths)back in 2004 and was really disapointed with the results. I have stretch marks on my butt, hips, tummy, and the back of my legs and when I used trilastin then I only had em on my butt and it made them more lighter than my skin tone and even worse it made my butt much darker than the rest of my body. That was in 2004 though they might have changed alot in 6yrs. I will not use Trilastin again.

Anonymous —

i m looking forward to get it i have those things on me since 1996 hope i will be satisfied i never wear bikini i cry everyday envying other woman ….

Onica —

I am a black 30 yr old woman and I have tried the so called miracle stretch mark cream “Trilastin”. I WILL NEVER EVER USE THAT CREAM AGAIN OR ADVISE ANYONE ELSE TO USEE IT. IT made more stretch marks appear in the places i had them. It made it lighter and my confidence is so down right now because of this cream. I barely had stetch marks to begin with. I don’t even know how to immprove my skin tone back to the way it was :-( . I am soooooo angry at the makers of this cream that its beyond words.

alejandra —

slow but it can’t just used it 1 month and give up you have to be patient.

Anonymous —

trilastin works. i have used 3 weeks now and I really can see the difference. About 3 months i think they are gone for ever.

girl —

Trilastin really works ! after 3 weeks I can see the difference. 3 months i’ll use this product and strech marks are gone ! thanks this product ! i lov it !!

Anya —

My mom bought three bottles of Trilastin for me and so far one bottle has last for about 6-7 weeks .So far I used Trilastin for a month now and it has reduced the appearance and texture of my skin greatly…I have two more bottles and can’t wait for the final results.I recommend everyone with stretchmarks to use this cream as it is the only product that has worked for me. Face it ladies Bio oil, Mederma,pure Cocoa Butter and vitamin E tablets do not work at all.I know this because I actually tried those products and saw no difference in my stretchmarks. It is also an awesome moisturizer!!.I f you use this product and see absolutely no difference..well I don’t know about you but Tilastin has worked for me. I am 16 yr old girl and obtained stretchmarks from weight gain and loss and TriLastin has helped me!

jackie —

I just ordered TRIlastin… i am really hoping that it works becuase i see that it seems to hep some and not others i have had stretch marks for 3 yrs now i went from being 96lbs to 240 when i delievered my twins in 08 … i just want to find something that works i am using it like it says and plus coco butter because coco butter has helped to lighten them so i am hoping that both these products together can help me to get rid of these stretch matks on my stomache and hips …

Sherri —

triLASTIN SR is the best thing out there. I’m 21 and pregnant. Early on in my pregnancy I got several stretch marks on my boobs and my friend gave me triLASTIN. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to wear a bikini the same again and become very self concious. Which at 21 really sucks to lose that, but I started using triLASTIN. I put it on twice a day on my boobs were i have stretch marks (and on my belly to prevent some) and they have faded great! It takes a few weeks to really start seeing a difference but it is worth it!! I can wear low cut shirts without worrying that people will see the stretch marks. This is a MUST have for every pregnant girl facing stretch marks!

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