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What Can I Do To Get Rid of Cellulite?


Cellulite is a condition in which the underlying fat surges through to the dermis layer of the skin. These newly formed fat pockets under the skin form the honey comb shape that you see; this however is more often referred to as resembling cottage cheese. Cellulite is not a gender specific condition; it can affect men, but rarely ever does. Researchers believe that cellulite is caused by several different factors including hormones, a sedentary lifestyle, age, and diet.

Although cellulite poses no immediate threat to your health, trying to get rid of it may cause you some serious headaches! Once cellulite develops re-dispersing the fat deposits can prove to be a major job. Researchers and individuals alike have different ideas of what works to rid your body of these unsightly lumps. Some people believe that a form of massage works to break down and liquefy the fat, while others rely on creams and lotions to fade the troublesome areas. Of course if the cellulite really bothers you there is always the option of plastic surgery.

There is a form of holistic treatment that many people opt to perform on their self. This treatment consists of detoxifying the body, massaging the fat deposits, altering your nutrition and diet, and performing a very specific anti-cellulite exercise. Theoretically, detoxifying will support the liver and aid the body in eliminating trapped cellular fluid and fat. While performing the self massage will help to liquefy the fat pockets that have caused the cellulite in the first place, and improving diet and exercise is always a great way to treat and prevent the development of more cellulite.
Cellulite creams are extremely popular; you can’t open any magazine or surf to long on the net without running into an ad for one of these creams. Some women are sorely disappointed by the effects of these creams, while others depend on them greatly. The only difference between the two is the expectations of the woman and the severity of the cellulite. No cream is going to rid your body of the cellulite, and they don’t really claim to. 99% of creams that I have seen simply state they reduce the appearance of cellulite, not rid your body of it.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect treatment for cellulite…other than plastic surgery. The effectiveness of your treatment will greatly depend on your body’s response to the treatment itself. As researchers have stated several times they have a basic knowledge of what contributes to the formation of cellulite but no exact cause for every single woman. This means that diet and exercise may work great to rid one woman’s cellulite, if the cause of her cellulite is poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, while detoxifying and a holistic approach may work well for another. Basically while the treatments can be expensive, the only way to find an effective treatment is by trial and error.

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Kerry Townsend —

Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

best cellulite cream —

Great article about getting rid of cellulite. This will definitely help lots of women who want to become flawless and cellulite-free.

Cellulean —

I love this article.

It is informative and to the point. A lot of people struggle to lose weight and remove cellulite so this is a great eye opening for them. keep up the good work admin.

Cellulite Solution —

I feel the pain for everyone and epically how the economy is today. I searched everything and everywhere for a cheap way to fix this problem.
i actually found something that worked for me and you should try it out and see if it works for u.

Marina —

I was born and raised in Italy. Over there I used to use “fanghi d’alga Guam” and they definitely worked!!! I just had a baby and the cellulite come back… I go crazy in having my mom sending me the product from Italy but i just saw that they are selling it also here in US for a good price. it is the only thing that works for me!!!

jessica —

Hi Marina- I heard about this guam stuff from a friend who tried it in Italy! Do you know where I can find this???? She told me it works REALLY well, I’m really curious about it. thanks :)

Sonia —

Eat a lot more raw foods everyday and you’ll see the results.

If you completely change your diet to raw and have only one meal a day that’s anything (but dairy) you’ll have no acne what so ever in about a week. And will be free of cellulite (depending on severity) in about 5 months. And you’ll have much more energy and will never get internal cancer if your dairy free ;)

Advanced —

To get rid of cellulite, use ultrasound and laser therapy.

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