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What Do Stretch Marks Look Like Exactly?

Stretch marks are considered among the top ten in the hate list. Regardless of the reasons that cause them, they look ugly. The most troubled of all people are those women who develop stretch marks on their breasts. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that such things are in the top ten hate list. Women are usually very conscious about their looks and these marks are definitely a major put off for them.


Stretch Marks on The Belly Stomach

Stretch Marks on The Belly Stomach



Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Because of the rigors of pregnancy, stretch marks appear on skin across abdomen and other parts of the body. Since the skin remains stretched for months, it results in tearing of collagen in the middle layer, which eventually leads to appearance of red or purple marks on the skin. The skin around these marks becomes grayish and very thin. Because of the thin skin and the color, sometimes, these marks look like scars. As time passes, these marks start fading out, but they do not go away completely unless you go for a specific treatment for them. Stretch marks may not be painful, but if you leave them untreated, they will remain there as an unsightly mark on your body.

It Is Not Only A Problem With Women

Many people have the misconception that pregnancy is the only reason for these awful marks on your body. This is not true. There can be several other reasons as well, such as body building, sudden weight gain, puberty, and even exposure to certain environmental conditions or medication. Therefore, it is not true that only women have to suffer from this nasty problem. Men, especially those who are athletes or bodybuilders, are also more likely to develop stretch marks. Because of the strenuous bodybuilding activities, the middle layer of the skin that is called dermis is excessively stretched continuously for a long period of time. This eventually weakens the layer and the skin becomes much thinner. It all starts from the appearance of small tears, which leads to these ugly marks.

Which Areas Of The Body Is Affected?

Regardless of whether the sufferer is a man or a woman, the tricky part is that these marks appear on your body at places where you hate them to be. Some of the usual affected areas include hips, thighs, abdomen, and breasts.

Is It A Disease?

Some people think stretch marks are the symptoms of a disease, which they are not. Usually, they do not pain. These marks are not harmful, and no matter which part of the body they appear on, they are a normal and insignificant natural phenomenon. Stretch marks can turn into a trauma for some people only because they look unsightly.

If you are one of those looks-conscious souls, fighting these stretch marks is going to be a tough battle for you. However, the good thing is that there are treatments available to heal stretch marks, such as laser stretch mark removal techniques and others. There are also ways to prevent them.

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